Nannie Maggie and Captain Bleu

Nanny Maggie and Captain Blue Stocking were glad to be back in China again. Mei Ling and Grandfather waited with happy hearts to greet them. All of Grandfather's family and friends had come together to celebrate his birthday. A big party was planned and the whole village was getting ready. Everyone was smiling and looking forward to the big day. Everyone, that is, except Mei Ling who looked sad and worried, so Nanny Maggie decided to find out why.

"What's wrong Mei Ling?" asked Nanny Maggie

"Oh Nanny, Grandfather's birthday is only two days away and I still don't know what to give him." Mei Ling continued. "I've been to all the shops and I can't find anything he will really love."

"Mei Ling, you know that your Grandfather loves you very much and whether you give him fine silk, or a singing cricket, he will be delighted because it is a gift from your heart." said Nanny Maggie.

"I know you are right," said Mei Ling, "but I still wish I could give him a truly special gift and show him how much I love him."

"All right Mei Ling," said Nanny Maggie smiling, "let's see what we can do together."

"What makes Grandfather feel really happy?" asked Nanny Maggie.

"Grandfather is happiest when we are all together as a family." answered Mei Ling.

"OK," smiled Nanny Maggie, "so, what we need is a gift that will give him that same happy feeling even when we're not together."

"That sounds great, what do you have in mind?" asked Mei Ling.

"I think Grandfather deserves the most special kind of gift there is, a Memory Book."


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