Hello, I'm a fuzzwipper. My friends and I came all the way from our home, the Land of the Fuzzwippers, hoping to meet you.

In fact, I have been waiting to meet you all my life. I have a special message for you, but first, I'd like t tell you a little bit about us.

Every fuzzwipper knows there is a special buddy for each of us, that's why we had to come and see you right away. In fact, Fuzzwipper history is full of great stories about fuzzwippers and their special buddies.

We are very easy to care for and love nothing better than just spending time with you.

We are very quiet, so we can go with you anywhere, school, the library, or anywhere else you feel you need a little extra love and support.

We only talk in whisper and only to our special buddy, so it's important to remember to listen with your ears, AND also, with your imagination.

We talk in the language of Imaginarius. That means from one imagination to another. Children of all ages are experts in this language and it only takes a few minutes to learn.

Fuzzwippers are experts in fuzzwipper fun, but we also have a very important message to share.

The most important fuzzwipper job is to remind you that you are loved.


10 books in the series:
  1. Hello, We're the Fuzzwippers
  2. Fuzzwippers Find Good Listeners
  3. Fuzzwippers Play Fair
  4. Fuzzwippers Make Good Helpers
  5. Fuzzwippers Make Great Travelers
  6. Fuzzwippers Have Feelings Too
  7. Fuzzwippers Learn About Family
  8. Fuzzwippers Learn About Safety
  9. Fuzzwippers Make Great Friends
  10. Fuzzwippers Like Being Fuzzwippers