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Daddy Forever Reviews Fuzzwippers Find Good Listeners

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Fuzzwippers Find Good Listeners Book Review
By Ken in Reviews on Friday, November 9, 2012

4 Sunflowers Media recently sent me their new book, Fuzzwippers Find Good Listeners. The new children book (for ages three to seven) features hamster-like creatures called Fuzzwippers. The kid-friendly animals are from the land of Fuzzwippers. The imaginary creatures reach out to children or anyone who needs a friend, assuring them that they are wanted and needed. The kids and I found the book delightful. It’s an excellent addition for you kid’s library. Fuzzwippers Find Good Listeners is available now for $8.99.

The story and the illustrations in Fuzzwippers Find Good Listeners are wonderful. The book was written by Marilynn Halas, and illustrated by Jeremy Provost. In this book, Katherine and her Fuzzwipper friend, Fuzzoola, help the other children communicate with their Fuzzwippers buddies. At the end of the book, there is also a list of listener tips for kids.

Fuzzwippers Find Good Listeners is the second book in the ten-book Fuzzwippers storybook series. The first book, Hello, We’re the Fuzzwippers, is also an excellent children book. It introduced the friendly and magical Fuzzwipper creatures. The book series facilitates children’s social-emotional development by helping kids learn the skills they need to live happy and balanced lives.

Each story book in the Fuzzwippers series focuses on a different life skill. The book covers topic like how to be a good listener and playing fair. Through engaging storytelling, children are guided and supported by a friendly and magical Fuzzwipper creature, which always assures them that “they are loved, no matter what.”

According to the press material, Fuzzwippers were born from a story the author (Marilynn Halas) made up for her six-year old daughter. Marilynn’s daughter returned from school looking tired and overwhelmed. So Marilynn told her daughter a story. She had some gloves with pompoms on them and there was a loose one in her pocket. Marilynn took it out and gave it to her daughter as though it was a living creature. When she held it close to her, the daughter smiled and Marilynn knew she had a good idea for a book.