The End Of An Internship – The Beginning Of A Friendship

by Marilynn Halas on May 29th, 2012
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A blog from our Liz Lezama.

This is the hardest blog I’ve ever had to write. Not because the experience was bad, in contrary, because it was too good.

I have been a part of 4 Sunflowers Media for about seven months now. It doesn’t feel that long; actually it feels like I just began working with the company. It’s scary how fast time moves, especially when you enjoy what you’re doing.

My time with 4 Sunflowers Media, although it felt short, was very rewarding. I joined 4 Sunflowers Media with a few expectations, mostly that I would be able to do some sort of writing and editing. The experience I received surpassed my expectations by far. I’ve written blogs, my own children’s story and various other publishing related documents. I got to read pre-published material and assist in editing various things. I also got to see the behind the scenes of an emerging publishing company. I will cherish these experiences for the rest of my life.

As 4 Sunflowers Media has grown from its beginning stages and the establishment of its name to the launch of its first children’s book, I have grown as well. The knowledge I have acquired as well as the friendships I have formed will never be matched by any other experience.

I was confronted with tasks I never thought I would be able to complete, especially the personal challenge of completing my first screenplay. My writing skills have improved tremendously since working with 4 Sunflowers Media and I have gained skills sets that will help me through many of life’s obstacles.

Now that my internship is technically over, I find that I don’t know what to do with myself. I hope to continue on and be part of the 4 Sunflowers Media family as long as I can but with outside obstacles such as school and work it will be a little more difficult to continue on as I have since October.

One specific thing that 4 Sunflowers Media has helped me realize is that I now know what I want to do for the rest of my life. So, starting in the fall I will be focusing all of attention on school and my prospective graduation next May so that I may reach my dream job as soon as I can.

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