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by on September 4th, 2012
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4 Sunflowers Media Review

Summer is a great time for reading books. Most libraries have a summer reading program where you can be encouraged and rewarded for your reading accomplishments. We hit the library every few weeks for a new stack of books and sometimes renewing our current favorites. My kids love being read to and now B is even starting to read a few words on his own. My heart couldn’t be happier when we are reading together as a family and sharing our love of books.

Our home book collection is pretty large, hardbacks, paperbacks, authors of all kinds and we love to be able to add to it once in awhile. Thanks to 4 Sunflowers Media, we just recently added another book to our shelves.

4 Sunflowers Media was created by Marilynn Halas, to offer stories that celebrate and support the job that parents have. Marilynn is a woman with many job titles who is using her experiences to delight and inspire her readers. To read more about Marilynn Halas, click here. To read more about 4 Sunflowers Media, click here.

I got to work with Marilynn personally and she is fantastic. Marilynn was very excited to work with MBP and grow our relationship. She was very generous and sent us a copy of her new book, Hello, We’re the Fuzzwippers. Hello, We’re the Fuzzwippers, is the first title from 4 Sunflowers Media, released in May of this year. The second book in the Fuzzwippers series should be out later this year.

Written by Marilynn Halas, Illustrated by Jeremy Provost

Our Hello, We’re the Fuzzwippers book and a personal note from Marilynn

We were immediately loving the bright yellow cover.

Upon opening up the book, we discovered a hand written note for B & S from Marilynn.

Autographed copies of books are always cool in my opinion!

Snuggled on the couch, we read through Hello, We’re the Fuzzwippers. We loved the ship the Fuzzwippers arrived on and all the shenanigans they were a part of. It was a great introductory story to get to know who the Fuzzwippers are and prepare us for all the adventures they will soon have. What is a Fuzzwipper–find out here. My favorite part of the story is the dinner table page (8-9). Some of the Fuzzwippers are playing instruments, the kids thought that was super silly, which made me smile. Read on to see what S and B thought of Hello, We’re the Fuzzwippers.

Scarlett’s Favorite Parts of Hello, We’re the Fuzzwippers

Beckett’s Favorite Parts of Hello, We’re the Fuzzwippers

Hello, We’re the Fuzzwippers is a very easy to read picture book for kids of all ages. It is simple to follow along and meet the Fuzzwippers. The overall message of the story and the Fuzzwippers goal, is to remind the reader they are needed and loved. The Fuzzwippers are colorful and friendly and I can’t wait to see what Marilynn has in store for them.

Want It? Buy It!
You can buy your own copy of Hello, We’re the Fuzzwippers at Follow Marilynn’s adventures through her blog or via Twitter, see her other visions and creations here. “Like” 4 Sunflowers Media on Facebook and tell them MBP sent you, they would love to have some new fans to love the Fuzzwippers too! Contact 4 Sunflowers Media here with any questions or suggestions. 4 Sunflowers Media also offers videos for grownups to check out. Become a Fuzzwipper Friend!

Thanks to Marilynn and 4 Sunflowers Media for our fun picture book and offering one to our readers too! What a great message this book sends.
Thanks and Good Luck!

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