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Fuzzwippers Won Mom's Choice Award!

"I find these books a great way to build stronger relationships and better communication skills in a language children will understand." — San Diego Bargain Mama
"With imagination, beautiful illustrations and a cute story I really enjoyed this picture book."
"I like it. I really liked that the friends learned to be good friends. I also really liked the pictures. The Fuzzwippers are really cute." — Braden, Age 5
"I think the Fuzzwippers are fun and funny." — JD, Age 4
"One reason I like this book is because it says [the Fuzzwippers] are there to help you feel more comfortable... and that when you are more secure, everyone feels better! I cannot wait to see more from this!" — Jumpin-beans.blogspot.com
"This story is absolutely adorable and a wonderful addition to any child's or elementary school's library." — MySpringfieldMommy.com
"Through engaging storytelling, children are guided and supported by a friendly and magical Fuzzwipper creature, which always assures them that 'they are loved, no matter what.' The Fuzzwippers are adorable, cuddly little creatures that a sure to brighten any child's day. Children are sure to enjoy seeing what these cute, lovable little creatures are up to!" — ProudBookNerd.com
"[This story] is exactly what was needed in our house right now. Between my daughter not wanting to share and my son being in an argumentative phase, this was a great story for both my three and four year olds." — TheIEMommy.com

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